Modern Jekyll based blog and theme. Great for companies, products or anything.

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Simple and beautiful

Let you and your readers focus on the content

See in action: What's Brewing at Inc

What's in the box?

Great looking, configurable design. Fits well for companies and product blogs.

Jekyll based

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator. It's simple and you can host the static files anywhere.

Markdown supported

Use Markdown to create great looking posts with cover images, full author details, links and images.

Designed for content

Simple design and typography lets your readers focus on what's important.

SEO and sharing friendly

Uses the right meta data to optimize your content for sharing and search engines.


Lightweight design and compressed and gzipped assets. ~90 Google Page Speed

Code Syntax highlighting

Write technical posts with code friendly syntax highlighting.

Easily Customizable

Customize posts theme colors, posts, product information and more in the config


Looks great on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

Deploy to Github Pages

Host blog on Github for free and publish the site with a single command.